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"The Infamous Posh Purple Swizzy Chair from Rowsley"

Blog Posted on 22 Mar 2011

Well what a difference a day makes – well 7 days to be precise – which is technically a week - but that doesn’t roll off the tongue as well.
Last week I was up to my eyeballs in muck, mayhem and madness (I dooo love a bit of alliteration don’t you?) I was valiantly trying to get the Gallery open for business, bravely fending off customers with my trusty paintbrush. These customers who came from far away lands such as Buxton, Ashbourne, Litton and Persia (you need to have read my last blog to understand. If you haven’t read it then you will just have to be mystified ‘cos it’s your own fault) They came from all over the Peak District to have a nosy at my proceedings.
I have opened for business at last HURRAH  HURRAY. The Villager Gallery is now OPEN ladies and Gentleman – dum dum dumty dum  (that’s a drum roll).
This week has been calm, calamity free and customer friendly. I have been serene as I have been painting again  - like what a proper artist does do!
I am now very posh as I have a fantastic professional looking Gallery (I would like to boast that it’s also being run by a Professional but it’s run by me, so think I may get “done” under the Trade’s description Act 1923, or whenever, so better not)
I have set up my easel and I’m not afraid to use it.
I have posh spotlights and a posh carpet. I have a posh desk and a posh till. I have posh paintings and posh photographs on my posh walls.
I also have a posh computer and a posh Swizzy Chair (that goes up and down, round and round – I can manage 15 rotations BEFORE getting car sick AND, much more important - it’s purple – my favourite colour -how cool is that?)
So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last month or so – absolutely NOOOOOOOO proper painting and at last I can position myself in my new posh swizzy chair and spread out all my paintbrushes (without knocking paintings off the wall with my bum as the other place was a tad tiny) and paint paint paint. It’s all been worth it the Gallery looks ab fab and all I need now are some customers with lots of spondoolies.
Note to self:  Stop swizzing about on my new posh chair and maybe you’ll get more painting done.  
My first painting in the new Gallery is for a lovely couple from Cheshire I mentioned last week? I am painting Rosie, a lovely black and white cat and am about half way through. It’s not going very well as lovely Rosie has a very big chin and I am trying VERY hard not to make her look like Bruce Forsythe. Perhaps I’d better show you more next week when I’m happy Rosie’s parents aren’t going to “chin” me for being rubbish.
The other paintings in the Blog are work that I’ve been doing over Christmas whilst house bound with the snow. Brrrrrrrrr. Thank goodness that's all over with.
Blog brought to you by Helen Clark, The Gallery, Rowsley

Type Of Art: Painting
Location: Rowsley

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