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The Cresent In Buxton And North Street In Cromford

The Cresent in Buxton

The 18th century saw much development of the town of Buxton with the building of The Cresent by the 5th Duke of Devonshire, with money made from his copper mines. The building included a ball room and an assembly room and was completed in 1788. Originally it contained a town house for the Duke but by 1804 he had relinquished his accommodation and it became the Centre Hotel with a hotel on each side, St Ann's to the west and the Great Hotel to the east. Hotel guests were able to use private entrances to the baths.


North Street in Cromford

North Street in Cromford was built in 1776 and still to this day consists of terraced 3 storey buildings which were used to house the mill workers. A school was built at its far end, as Arkwright had insisted that children who came to work in the mill could read and write. This was the first planned street in Derbyshire and set a high standard not previously seen before.