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Tez Marsden - Rainster Rocks

Blog Posted on 05 Aug 2011

Rainster Rocks

A very early start to get this weeks photograph of Rainster Rocks a limestone outcrop in the south of the Peak District.

I am in the process of photographing these rocks throughout the year. At  the moment with the leaves on the trees being green you can't see much of the rocks themselves, so I am looking forward to Autumn for the colour and the rocks being exposed, also the light will be totally different, plus I won't have to get up so early either!

I mentioned the effect of light in my last image at different times of the day. but the time of year also has a great affect on your photograph.

I just love the light in Autumn and Winter with the sun being low and not as harsh.

So I am really excited about photographing these rocks to see the difference the light has on them over the coming year.

Nikon D300
Nikon 17-55 F2.8
N.D. Filter

This blog was brought to you by Tez Marsden


Make of Camera: Nikon D300
Filter: N.D. Filter

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