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Tez Marsden - Pleasant surprise!

Blog Posted on 19 Aug 2011

Out early morning to get the sunrise and besides it being wonderful being out at this time of day you also get unexpected welcome surprises.

I was set up for the sunrise and just happened to look to my left and saw these two Brown Hares heading my way,luckily I had my 200mm lens on the camera and without scaring them away I managed to swing my camera round on the tripod and get a few shots of them.

They are such wonderful creatures to watch, they didn't hang around to long, I think they got my scent and headed back the way they came.

Why they have been persecuted and hunted I shall never understand!

But for me it made my day to watch them even for the short time that it was.

This blog was brought to you by Tez Marsden


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