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Saturday Morning Picture Show - Feb 12th 2011

Blog Posted on 16 Feb 2011

All of images above were taken saturday morning with stormy looking weather ahead and a really nice shot of a robin in Foolow taken as i just pulled up in the car - he just jumped down from a bush and i took this through a rain soaked car window and am amzed how clear it came out - thanks mr robin very kind pose! Also is a horse galloping in a field at the bottom of Monsal Head near Cressbrook who was running away from another horse intent on biting his bum , but was pleasure watching as you could see them taking turns in doing and was pure pleasure rather than anger as they bolted around field.

Make of Camera: Nikon D3s
Lens: 400mm 2.8
ISO: 500
Aperture: 2.8
Focal Length: 400mm

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