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Rudyard Lake

Rudyard Lake


Two parents once relaxed on the shores of Rudyard Lake and loved it so much they decided to name their child after it. That child grew up to be a famous short story writer, poet and novelist -Joseph Rudyard Kipling. Once you have visited Rudyard Lake in the Staffordshire Moorlands, you can't help but agree with the description that it is one of the most attractive places in all of England, and you also can't blame the Kiplings for naming their child after it either!.

It is a hidden watery gem and not many know about the sparkling beauty of this place. It lies discreetly in thickly wooded hillsides and is the most peaceful and tranquil place, less than a mile from the very bustling A523 which links Leek to Macclesfield. Running at 2 1/2 miles long it was created more than two centuries ago and is a wonderful day out, offering sailing, boating, fishing, or simply walking around its scrumptious shores.


Rudyard Lake


It was created to supply water and to further expand canal system of the West Midlands and visitors flock for miles around, from all over the Peak District and also from Manchester to escape the hustle and bustle of the very busy city and experience pure and utter tranquillity.

It was once the northern mecca for match angling and even today many angling clubs fish regularly there and it's quite common to see fishermen dotted about the banks of the river. Day ticket angling is available for those here just for a short time, but you'll wish you could stay in the luxury lodges lining the shores.


Rudyard Lake Walk


There is a gorgeous visitor centre befitting with the atmosphere of the place converted from a boathouse at the head of the dam, which was opened in 2001, and provides visitors with real insight into the lake, describing its history, wildlife, flora and fauna using computers and interactive panels which is great for children to learn about. This is open throughout the summer months and at weekends during October to March and it is free to get in and well worth a visit.

The activity centre has meeting rooms which are available for hire throughout the year and rates vary depending on what you need it for, but a fantastic place to have a meeting and totally get away from the tedium of the office and recharge your staff's batteries, as well as your own.


Rudyard Lake

The shop and cafe there is new but again sympathetically styled and is located in the activity centre, which is open 10 until 5, Monday to Friday during the summer and open until 6pm at the weekends, if you've had a wonderful day walking around the length of the lake and need a reviving cup of tea on your return. During October to March it is only open at weekends from 10 - 5.

There are toilets and a changing room which is available at the car park at damhead located off Lake Road and has parking for around 40 vehicles. It's a pay and display and charges are £1 for an hour, £2 for four or £3 for a full day and we would recommend the latter because there is so much to see and do around this gorgeous place you will never have enough time to see it all and want to return.


Rudyard Lake View

This Lake Steam Railway is a little miniature train and starts from the car park and runs weekends and weekdays during the summer months. This is a wonderful way for the little ones to see wildlife close by the river and through the woods. Or why not just walk the Staffordshire Way which runs along the western side of the lake and forms a very easy part of an easy walk around the lake of about 5 miles?


Rudyard Lake Steam Train


Cycling is always great fun and it is very flat and so easy to take the children. The distance around the entire lake is 5 miles and it is possible to cycle most the way apart from the North West area where signs request cyclists dismount because you will actually be crossing private property.

The wildlife and birdwatching is its main attraction because it is there in abundance. Lots of different types of birds use Rudyard Lake as a feeding ground during their long migratory journey. There are northern mudflats, which are exposed during the summer months. If it is especially dry, which provide rich pickings for lots of species to be able to take off your twitchers book guide list.

Sailability around the lake is fantastic because it offers special facilities for disabled people and those with learning difficulties with expert instruction. See our separate section all about taking a boat out on the lake.


Rudyard Lake Boating

The scenery is breathtaking and if you get chance to spend a few days here you won't be disappointed. From simply meandering around at your leisure or taking a boat out and experiencing a sailing break, you will really feel rested and revived and be ready to tackle the working week on your return. Discover Rudyard Lake today - you will be very glad you did.



Rudyard Lake Fishing


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