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Richard Wheeler - Spring’s sprung already?

Blog Posted on 15 Apr 2011

I saw on the news yesterday that the bluebells had sprung early this year.  This year seems to be going quicker than usual anyway but for the bluebells to be out is really something!

I find photographing in woods challenging, it’s often hard to pick a clean composition as there are always stray branches and unwanted elements creeping in to the frame. Of course you can go close up and isolate a single bluebell with a shallow DOF to throw the background out of focus. Last year I decided I wanted a different shot from the standard bluebell ones you tend to see. The challenge I set myself was to shoot them in their surroundings on a wide angle lens and to try and capture the whole scene.

After many hours wandering my local woods, I came across this old tree stump. I instantly thought it would add some interest. The old felled twisted branch lying on the floor close by was a great lead in and added the much needed foreground for the wide view. With the tripod legs as wide and as low as they’d go and both knees on the ground (note: next time bring a plastic bag to kneel on!) I composed the shot with the sun poking through the trees casting a lovely light on the foreground. To balance the bright sunlight, I needed to use a Lee 2 stop hard grad pushed down to the bottom of the trees so the burn out from the sun was minimised.

As soon as I reviewed this shot on the back of my camera I was very happy and had achieved what I had set out to do.

I’ve not had a chance to get out and scout the woods out yet this year but am looking forward to getting the chance.  If you know of any good bluebell woods around the Peak District, please get in touch as I could do with some suggestions where they are looking the best.

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