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Blog Posted on 15 Aug 2011

Great Ridge Inversion

First off Just want to say thank you to Peak District Online for inviting me to be a featured photographer and letting me blog.

Hell Raining Down

I want to talk about a little realisation I had the other day which is that I believe most people take the present for granted, it's not until it becomes the past and eventually a memory that you look fondly at the time and think "that was a good time" and subsequently wishing you had perhaps savoured the moment a little more. I actually came to this realisation while sat on a beach roughly 1500 miles away in Greece in a beautiful place called Voidokilia taking in all it's beauty.

Hen Cloud

This got me thinking more and made me glad that one of the things I get out of photography is not only every time do I stand there and taking in a fantastic scene as weather rapidly changes and light plays across the land that I am able to capture that moment to remember for many years to come. Every time I now look at a photo of a particularly spectacular scene it brings the memories rushing to me and I can actually close my eyes and see what I was seeing at that particular time, glad I appreciated it then as I do looking back on it.

Higger Tor sunrise

In fact, the sole reason I ever bought my first camera was to actually record my walks in the Peak District to look back on when perhaps my memory isn't so good.

Mam Tor sunrise inversion

While not trying to preach, whether your a walker, photographer or just generally like our landscapes just remember to pause a little, take everything in and smile a little when you see that next heavy snowfall, cloud inversion or any other special moment.

Upper Dovedale

Throughout this blog are some of those rare images of special moments to me I'm very fond of and wouldn't be able to replicate again.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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