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Helen Clark: The End of The Peak District as We Know it?

Blog Posted on 26 May 2011

Phew – well we’re all still here aren’t we? The world didn’t end on Saturday. The first I heard of it was at the Post office at Rowsley on Saturday morning. I’d a big painting to post to Buxton, and I decided I’d get a dozen eggs at the same time. The postmaster, who I know very well said, “you’d better only get half a dozen – haven’t you heard the world is supposed to end tonight? If there’s an earthquake in New Zealand at 6 o’clock then start worrying”


Well I’m a bit of a worrier anyway, as you know. I laughed along, with that fake plastic smile I reserve for the times when I’m not really listening to what the other person is talking about – this happens quite a lot actually – me not listening. I’m usually off with the fairies thinking about my next painting or something. anyway ,all the while I’m thinking – oooh wonder if it’s true? It must be true if someone’s said it – nah – can’t be true…..can it? Anyway I only took just half a dozen eggs just in case – no point spending money unnecessarily is there, if the world is going to end in 10 hours?

I tried to concentrate all day – even managing to get excited when the glass artist at the Craft centre came round to tell me he seen a Red Kite at Beeley on the way to work. Not the type of kite with string, the actual bird of prey – how fantastic if we’re going to start getting them as far north – I’ve only ever painted one and that was from a captive bird that a customers let me paint one time.  Except it turned out it actually wasn’t a kite and was in fact a Harris Hawk – you’d think he would know what his own bird was wouldn’t you?!

All the while I was thinking about the end of the world – I hadn’t got clean underwear on for a start – no said that wrong – I had got clean undies on, they just weren’t new. Why is that always important when you get run over by a car or something? Anyway, it was the first thing I thought of and then the next thing I thought of was thank goodness I hadn’t booked my Tesco delivery for that week. Sad but true. I’ll not bore with all the other weird and wonderful things I thought of, suffice to say (and it’s not very often you can crowbar THAT saying into a conversation ) I made sure I was home by 6 o’clock, and cuddled with my boys (Hubster and son) and Bog Dog was on my knee and my cat – well she was behind the sofa ‘cos she’s antisocial - and I nearly made my son bring the fish tank down to sit with us , but didn’t want to worry my son unduly, he loves his goldfish more than he loves crisps,  so left that alone – and we settled down to watch Dr Who – the glass of wine that accompanied said viewing, allayed my thoughts of impending doom and after coming out  from behind the cushion – why do the baddies on Dr Who still scare the life out of me ? Mind you those stretchy faced people this week were enough to scare the pants off anyone-   the time the world was supposed to have ended had passed and I sighed with relief.


I’m sure there‘ll be another scare this week – the sky will fall off or something , but I’ve told myself not to be so gullible. I’m a TV star now and need to get a grip on reality……… Sorry, what was that? A TV Star you say? - oh par, you don’t want to know about that… do? Oh go on, you’ve twisted my arm, I’ll tell you.


Well I’m not a TV star as such…more like a video star….a computer star might be the better way to explain it ……….er a You Tube star? Ok this suddenly doesn’t sound as exciting now does it, but bear with me. Personally I was so excited when I saw it, it made me cry, and when you’re trying out contact lenses for the first time, this is quite a traumatic experience, and painful, but it’s still VERY exciting. 

The fabulous Peak District Online People have made me a video – a video just for me – with my things in it (not one of THOSE videos) but a video of lots of past and present Peak District Wildlife Paintings. Go take a look but come straight back, I haven’t finished.


Good eh? I know it’s  good, when your twelve year old son texts you and say he’s been showing all his friends on Facebook and that his mum is “cool” If the world was to end tomorrow I’d die happy – my son thinks his mom is COOL!
My work is done.

This blog was brought to you by Helen Clark

Type Of Art: Painting
Location: The Caudwells Mill, Rowsley
Contact Number: 01629 732 638

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