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Helen Clark - Peak District Artist and Missing Fireman Debacle

Blog Posted on 06 Feb 2012

Well, the promised snow came, and how beautiful did the Peak District look, this weekend?  I was quite giddy on Saturday getting texts from friends in Hartington and Darley Dale on the progress of the snowstorm. Bogdog particularly loves the snow, and acts like a puppy still. It does play havoc with her eyebrows though as you can see!
I was cuddling her the other day and my son took a photograph of the both of us. You know there is a magazine or is it a program that has been done about how pets look like their owners? Well, it's quite uncanny how Bog Dog and I have the same hairstyle. If I were to wear my hair in bunches (which I sometimes still do because I refuse to act my age wherever possible ), then we'd be dead ringers. Quite unsettling to discover.

Me and my new phone are friends now you'll be pleased to know. After last week's little rant about not being able to work it properly -  it was all the phone's fault obviously, nothing to do with me...... the secret of success with anything with a touch screen. I have found, is to cut your nails. I actually really like it now, and take it everywhere- yes, even the loo. How sad is that? There's just one thing - I must work out how to change my settings because every time I get sent a message on Facebook it bleeps. I got bleeped 53 times in an hour one day, not because I'm so popular and have 53 friends who were all trying to get hold of me at the same time, but because my gorgeous niece had tagged me in one her montage of 'People I love' photographs,(so sweet) And when all her friends were saying 'they loved her too', and she was replying 'thank you', and then they were replying 'you're welcome' etc,  my phone was bleeping merrily away each time. It nearly ended up in the bleeping bin, I can tell you.

I've got into using Book Face now because of my bleeping phone. It's very addictive, especially if you're nosy like me. Recently a new chap has started working at the mill and we knew we knew each other (easy for me to say ), from somewhere, and then it came to me in a flash. I had held hands with his brother for five minutes when I was six - he's a twin you see, and we went to the same infants, juniors and secondary schools in Dronfield, which I have found via Book Face, old friends who I have befriended once again. There's something about him that I know I will remember one day   but the old memory's a bit foggy. I'm pretty sure there was an incident where he pulled my hair or something, but I'm pretty sure we bickered as kids -actually I'm positive we bickered, because we certainly do now as adults - all in good humour though. (He's grown up about as much as I have- which means we haven't at all)  It's a small world it goes to show. We've had fun reminiscing and it's brought back some happy memories, and now we talk about our own kids - the passage of time is bizarre.

VERY exciting this week at the Gallery - the firemen came! It wasn't because of me honestly - I haven't set fire to anything in a long while (unless you count some black fish fingers that ended up in the bin last week). All the girls and a couple of guys, have been very excited about their arrival. They were coming to help pump out some water around a piece of machinery that has welded fast on the mill. So I did my hair on Friday, made an effort  (even though I had to wear 23 layers because it was minus 6) made sure I'd had a lesson from the Hubster about how to take pictures on my bleeping phone (he's quite accustomed to my men in uniform fetish) and got ready as soon as they arrived.

Well, it was quite disappointing really after all. Not because they didn't turn up, they certainly did and numbered quite a few (I think they came from Bakewell, or maybe Matlock or Buxton I'm not sure  - but who cares, they were here now.) They were all decked out in their gear and I was ready for them, oh yes sirreee............ I walked past them all and smiled, I had my hand firmly clamped around my bleeping phone in my pocket .......... Then I walked back past them all again with my hand still firmly clamped around my bleeping phone, still in my pocket. What was I like? I was a nervous, giggling, simpering little girl and I'm ashamed to say I chickened out of taking any photographs at all of them. The best I could manage was this...

I can't even admit it was the rear end of an actual fireman? Rubbish - I am ashamed. I had to go back and admit to all the others, who can't shut their shops up and go stalking firemen, that I had let them all down. Never mind, there is a possibility they may be coming back this week so I promise to do my best to serve my friends and colleagues and country etc etc. Well. It's a tough job but somebody has got to do it.

This week I am doing a painting for an Australian customer who has a cattery over here now. These beautiful cats are called Poppy and Tao and they too are Aussies. She brought them over here so they are well travelled cats.
I'll show you the finished painting next week - have a good one everybody.

This blog was brought to you by Helen Clark 

Type Of Art: painting
Location: Rowsley
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