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Helen Clark: From the Peak District to Loch Fyne and Back Again Part 2

Blog Posted on 12 May 2011

Now where was I- holiday. What holiday?
We’ve been back a week and a bit and it seems like months ago – now I am beginning to wish I hadn’t promised part 2 ,as I will have to squeeze my eyes shut very tight and try to remember what happened next.  Also I have to write this blog while drowning out Spongebob Squarepants in the background (my son watching the TV – will he EVER grow out of watching this awful cartoon? I gather all the students watch it now, so I guess I’ve got a long way to go yet. I can’t really complain – I still like watching Scooby Doo) 
Well we arrived, we sat and we enjoyed the view....we ate shellfish galore....we heard the kleeps kleeps of the oyster catchers etc – ooh yes we set off on our first mountain walk. It was very hot and we packed up lots of goodies in our backpacks, harnessed Bog Dog to her halite harness, which she hates but she should n’t pull and then she wouldn’t have to wear one, and off we trotted up to the castle and beyond. We’d been told by a local that there were no sheep so we could let her off once through the stile to the open country. 
The usual adult/child banter started with “Where are we going, how long will it take, why are we going there, when are we coming back, what are we having for tea, where are we going for tea, what are we doing after tea, can I have an Ipad ...... when all of a sudden the Bog Dog stopped in her tracks. After tugging, pulling, twisting me up me knots, trying to chase after leaves, butterflies and generally being a pain in the neck, this caught me unawares and I nearly sent me flat on my face over the top of her. We looked up and there- about 10 meters  in front of us was this! 


This blog was brought to you by Helen Clark

It was a hold your breathe moment, that was for sure, but the Hubster had trusty camera in hand and he managed to catch this gorgeous young deer. We’d only been walking 5 minutes. Wow this walk was going to be fantastic!
We kept the dog on the lead in case we could catch another glimpse but by the time we got to the top ,2 hours later, we were exhausted, hot, irritable and dying for a pint and we saw nothing else all the way back down! Oh well, we’d earned a drink we told ourselves.
The rest of the holiday entailed a fair bit of driving up and down the Kintyre coastline looking for otters – my idea. I badly wanted to see a Sea Otter but word was obviously out in the otter population and they’d scarpered. That didn’t stop me trying to kill us all by slamming the brakes on every 5 minutes, convinced I’d seen a piece of seaweed move at the water’s edge which HAD to be an otter. We did see this: 


A shag, drying it’s wings (something you can’t say in the car to a 12 year old without causing a great deal of guffawing) and we also saw this illusive Scottish creature......

A Sea Dog – quite similar to a Bog Dog but much much cleaner (until she finished drinking the saltwater and then can imagine).
After a trip on the ferry to Arran, ten million photographs later of Jura, Gigha and Islay we had to  sadly come home. Even the Seals waved us good bye.

We had such fantastic weather - what was the weather doing back home we wondered? Was it foggy in Foolow? Cloudy in Castleton? Balmy in Bakewell?  Will anyone notice my 83 freckles have all joined together and I look quite tanned? Probably not!
(and nobody has noticed - to this very day)

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