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Helen Clark Blog : Popstar Rocks Up At Rowsley

Blog Posted on 16 Nov 2011

The holidays are coming and the goose is getting fat - and all that. Helen Clark is getting stressed and that’s predictable too. Normally I’m so laid back (?!) I go with the flow, everything is nice and easy but at this time of year my stomach is always in knots and I lay awake worrying I won’t get all the pet portraits done in time to send them to the North Pole and into Santa’s sack. I’ve already called ‘Time gentleman please’ and can’t take on any more commissions in time for Christmas day – a dog is for life not just for Christmas don’t you think? I’ve had several customers who don’t mind and have carried them over to January. I hate letting people down but if I take on too many I’ll be in the loony bin by the New Year.

Theses beauties live near Castleton and the commission was a joy to complete and so unsual. Thankfully the miserable weather has calmed down the flow of customers to the craft centre at Rowsley buy it’s the calm before the storm I know. We’re all battening down the hatches waiting with baited breath for the chaos to start.
This week saw a very famous face visit the craft centre and we were all sooooooo excited – some more than others – some more exited than was good for their blood pressure (me) and some more excited and who are still dining out on the experience and telling anyone who will listen (Mrs O) – and rightly so.  We only had the coolest man in pop here – Mr ‘Pulp’  Jarvis Cocker and his family visit And guess what - he bought some muesli – I know! Muesli – wow – who’d have thought it? Looking back it doesn’t sound that exciting but you had to be there. I was told he was here on a busy Saturday afternoon and I immediately abandoned my full shop of customers to stalk him round the place with my phone camera. I got numerous shots of his back and sent them to the Hubster who wasn’t impressed and thought it was simply a tramp that I was pretending was Jarvis. (He didn’t believe me when I said Dame Judy Dench was at the Mill too but she was – NOT at the same time as Jarvis – gosh, just think if she had - we’d have all fainted).

Well half an hour passed and I still hadn’t got a picture so I gave up. I turned down my IPOD in the gallery – I put my Pulp collection on just for him and if he had come in I would have acted all surprised and said ‘what are the chances? ‘ – that was the plan anyway. (in hind sight thank goodness he didn't come in because I was being exceptionally uncool doing that don't you think? - how embarrassing).

Well I told every customer who came in and Mrs O in the flour shop told everybody who wanted to listen and those who didn't, and we thought he’d gone. I was reliably informed he was off to a jumble sale in Bakewell - but he hadn’t! He went into the toilet next door to my shop – and I waited for him like a ‘crazy stalking’ blob of jelly. And I waited with my phone camera poised as soon as he came out.
And I waited .
And I waited – and I wondered if perhaps that was why he needed the muesli - a bit of roughage maybe?
Anyway, a year later, he came out and I pounced, babbled could I take his photo and he obliged – lovely man – and then I swanked back into my shop, having exchanged phone numbers and he promised he'd ring me and take me to a lovely Peak district hotel...........oh sorry, that was the dream I had later - what actually happened was that I grabbed his arm and hung on for dear life to his lovely tweed jacket and babbled on about stalking him everywhere and only getting photos of his back and thank goodness now I'd managed to get one of his front – and he looked at me like a crazy person and walked off sharpish.

He is cool - I so am not!   At least the Hubster believes me now. Sproglet wasn't at all impressed - he said he looked like a hobo and I suppose to a 13 year old he did, but to me and Mrs O  - he's scrummy - sigh.

I still haven't washed my hand..........

Type Of Art: Painting
Location: Rowsley
Contact Number: 01629 732 638

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