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Helen Clark Blog: Pets, their Portraits and A Pair Of Peak District Pantaloons

Blog Posted on 28 Nov 2011

I would just like to point out right from the start that I have not had an injunction from Mr Cocker’s solicitors. I thought you would all like to know as a good friend and sparring partner of mine said at the weekend, that he was quite disturbed with my blog last week and worried I came across as a right total loony? The fact that the last time me and him had one of our intense conversations/ playful arguments, we had consumed several bottles of wine and ended up fashioning napkins on our heads, (oh yeah and so did our spouses), I probably shouldn’t have taken him seriously but at this point, we were actually quite worryingly sober. 
It did make me think though and I wondered if perhaps sometimes I come across as a right mentalist sometimes? I can usually get away with claiming it’s the artist in me, now I can say it’s the writer too I guess – or perhaps I have really lost the plot- who knows? It’s not everyday a famous pop star goes into the toilet next door to your shop though is it? Perhaps next time I’ll handle it better...... (I just hope it’s not Biffy Clyro because I’m telling you now  - I won’t be held responsible for my actions) .
Talking of actions - its action stations for me this week (don’t groan).  I’m preparing to do battle with my battalion of paintbrushes to conquer the army that is my Christmas pet portrait list. The clock is ticking and December is this week – eeek. I’m not scared at all, I’m not panicking, I’m not hyperventilating - much. I have  to paint a Bishon Frise from Bakewell, a tabby cat from Hartington, a poodle with a Derbyshire accent who originates from France (true apparently - you see my lovely customers are a bit waffy too?), a couple of collies  from  Castleton and countless others I can’t think about or my head will fall off.

Helen Clark Goes Forth – over the top, into the battle. And just like Blackadder – I may end up with a pair of pantaloons on my head, 2 pencils shoved up each nostril saying ‘Wibble’ by the time I’ve finished, but I started this blog talking about going mad so it’s only fitting I end it the same way.

Wish me luck  - till we meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when -  but I know we’ll meet again one sunny day.......

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