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Boothby Monument At Ashbourne And The Clockface On Baslow Church

Boothby monument at Ashbourne, in St Oswalds church, Ashbourne, is to Penelope Boothby who died in 1791 at the age of 5. It was carved in carrara marble by Thomas Banks and is so lifelike, she appears to be sleeping. The epitaph reads 'She was in form and intellect most exquisite; The unfortunate parents ventured their all on this frail bark and the wreck was total'. It is believed that Penelope's parents seperated at the childs grave and never spoke again. There are many other worthwhile monuments in St Oswalds church, inparticular those to the Cockane and Bradbourne families.


Clockface at Baslow church

An unusual feature at the Parish Church of St Anne in Baslow in The Peak District, is this clock face which has the legend VICTORIA 1897, instead of numbers. It was made to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. This is an interesting little church, with many curious stone slabs to found in the church yard. Just inside is an old whipping stick, which was used to keep dogs under control.